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Thirteen Pound Baby!
Sarah McMoyler, RN posted:
Know this- the way had been paved a few years ago by the twelve-pound older brother! The airwaves were abuzz with the news of a virtual toddler born "naturally" aka vaginally.

The medical concerns here include:
-Nine days past the due date — amnionic fluid levels are decreasing, placenta not functioning as well and the baby is just putting on weight.
-Pushing for SIX hours is alarming and potentially dangerous- stressful on mom and baby, not to mention the uterine muscle…two hours is the average time for a woman to spend pushing.
-To accomplish this birth vaginally- there HAD to have been an episiotomy and possibility instrumentation to assist the baby out vaginally…all with potential risks.
-Newborn's this size often need assistance to regulate their blood sugar- this means blood tests and careful monitoring to be sure they are stable and adjusting to the outside world.

Big babies? Anyone else have experience delivering "toddlers" into the world?

Sarah McMoyler RN
Jcarlson1 responded:
Yes! I delivered an 11lb 1 oz. baby last March. It was done vaginally and it was not a fun experience. My son had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and it was strangling him as I was pushing. His AGAR score was 0 and had to be recesitated. He had lots of bruising on the top of his face. He stayed in the NICU for 1 week and progressed wonderfully. His attending physician told my husband and I that he had a hard time beliving that his AGAR was truely a 0.

My son is doing great now. Meeting all of his milestones beautifully. He is 11 months now and weight 30 lbs.
Jcarlson1 replied to Jcarlson1's response:
I forgot to mention that I am pregnant again and due in July 2012. I was an 11 lb baby myself. I just hope we don't have to go through all of that again. It was very scary.
mrssiordia82 replied to Jcarlson1's response:
Are you overweight or obese?
Jcarlson1 replied to mrssiordia82's response:
Overweight. I did not have gestational diabetes. My doctor tested me twice. I did have high blood pressure, but it never turned into preclampsia.
kay_kay75 replied to mrssiordia82's response:
Being overweight or obese doesn't automatically make that you are going to have a large baby. I am "obese" but my daughter was born 1/2011 she weight 7lbs 11oz, so she was an average baby, I only gained 11 lbs the whole pregnancy and watched what I ate, did not have High Blood pressure or Gestational Diabetes. So I think some of it is how you take care of yourself. We eat healthy but after being on Depo Provera for 10 years I have weight issues now as well as fertility issues.
Sarah McMoyler, RN replied to Jcarlson1's response:
Recommend that you have a serious discussion with your OB/Midwife - psychologically and emotionally, you need to know their thinking and/or game plan...never mind the physical ramifications of delivering babies that size.

Let us know and best wishes,

Sarah RN

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