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    Help, Confused Father Can a women be pregnant 11 months?
    An_243220 posted:
    Hello everyone, I am really really confused right now here is why. [br>[br>I slept with an ex on November 20 2005. I went away and business the next day only to return January 15 2006. [br>She told me that she was pregnant around the end of January. Each month she told me she would be due in August 2006. [br>[br>I was away when she gave birth to our son on September 27 2006. Her pregnancy profile states she had a 38 week gestation term. Meaning she conceived in January around the time I came back. ( Keep In mind I only slept with her November 20,2005) [br>[br>So basically from her LMP on November 11 2005 to September 27th 2006 is approximately 10 months and 16 days into the 11 months. (45.7 weeks) [br>[br>Are son weight in at 6 pounds and her profile has not record of complication or anything almost an 11 month pregnancy. [br>[br>In fact from what I gather she still had 2 weeks to go before her due date because there's 40 weeks in a pregnancy while she recorded a 38 week. So her real due date should be around October 7-11 2006. This is an 11 month pregnancy term. [br>[br>Now this is the confusing part..... I took 2 dna test and the both show that I am my sons father..? Do you think its possible for doctors to make such a huge discrepancy ? I mean all the records show a normal pregnancy and 6 pounds is the average wieght for 38 weeks. What do you guys think?

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    Paternity Question: I slept with my ex November 20, 2010 and my son was born September 27 2011. This is 45.7 weeks. Her recorded profile says 38 weeks meaning she conceived in January(not by me) I took 2 DNA test and its says its mine. What should I do? 2 more weeks = 11 months?
    • Investigate Further
    • Accept the child is mine( even though he does not look like me)
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    mwhite80 responded:
    You are right the dates do not match up but DNA does not lie. Do you have any legitamite reason to doubt the results(i.e. it was a lab or hospital right not some mail in one?I knew someone who got the wrong results from a mail in DNA lab, fyi.), if not then he is your son and that is that. I hope all works out for you.
    ourbaby81612 responded:
    Do you have a brother? The dates definitely do not match up. That long after intercourse it is unlikely that she would have conceived in order to make her due dates jive. Something is clearly not adding up here and I'd pursue further testing with a different facility.
    Curt77 replied to mwhite80's response:

    Do me a favor and read my time line of events. This will show you why I am so doubtful.

    The ex is hiding something.
    Curt77 replied to ourbaby81612's response:
    I do have a brother but he lives in another country! I am from the US but I live in South Africa. My brother is in California,

    And just for the record... I did not forget or make a mistake when I had intercourse with her. Its really driving me crazy because everybody thinks I cant handle the DNA results there for I am trying to "convince" myself with this story. I am doing my best to get answers because the ex does not want me to know anything about her term.
    mwhite80 replied to Curt77's response:
    I read your timeline from everything you wrote it sounds very doubtful that this is your child but in your original post you stated that 2 DNA test were performed and you are this child's father. A doctor would never let a pregnancy go 5 weeks past due, it is not safe for the baby or mother, 2 weeks is usually the max. You should investigate things further get another DNA test ran but if that comes up positive then the child is yours DNA doesn not lie people do but not DNA. I hope you figure everything out, good luck
    Curt77 replied to mwhite80's response:
    I know the DNA test results stated 2 times that I am the father, But there was a slight mistake on my ethnicity that I thought was strange. We all know that the ethnicity does not have any infulence in the results but the Nurse asked each of us and documented or ethnicity. She looked at me in the face (and joked about it) and asked me what is your ethnicity. After I told herI saw her right it down.! When I got the results mothers ethnicity was correct , my sons ethnicity was correct, but mine was completely off!

    I got suspicious so I decided to contact the lab who conducted the test! I asked kindly if the can send me the document that the nurse transcribed on the application. After serveral attemps he sends me a document that has nothing to do with my ethnicity that was documented.
    You know what would you like to see the email? I really would like to see if you think this lab was pulling my leg. Let me know and I will give you my email

    Thanks for your concern
    mwhite80 replied to Curt77's response:
    You should be able to get the result on the lab's official letterhead stating all the findings, that is your right. If they refuse to give it to you, you should contact a lawyer.
    An_243224 replied to mwhite80's response:
    DNA does not lie. Accept it.
    An_243380 replied to An_243224's response:
    Are you taking a home paternity test? OR are you going through a clinic? If your taking a home one then I would suggest going through a clinic. And whatever the results are is probably going to be correct. If the child is not yours kep in mind that you dont have to be the one that conceived the child to be the father of the child. Babies are a blessing
    Curt77 replied to An_243380's response:

    Well the advice I have received was to take a home paternity test. If I have to go to a clinic I would have to take the mother there and my honest to god gut feeling says that she is probably bribing the test. I live in south Africa and corruption is high here.

    Out of all due respect the mother of my son planned this pregnancy by misleading information. She told me that she had a medical condition where she could not conceive a child. I checked her medical records and there is no such claim. I take responsibility for my actions and it was my fault for not using protection . There is no excuse for this. But that same way a mother has an instinct that something wrong with her child.. I feel the same way when I see my son. I dont see myself in him and that keeps my up at night. ( as well as the evidence of a regular 9 month pregnancy)

    Last week I went to speak with the head doctor where my son was born. He is helping me find out how she really did have a pregnancy term that long. Luckily before she through away her pregnancy profile I had a few documents left of it.( Dont ask my why she threw it away. Apparently says she was instructed to throw them away from the Medical Clerk??)

    The doc reviewed the reaming paper work and stated how according to the recorded condition of the placenta....and the recorded baby weight points to a normal term pregnancy.

    If she had a pregnancy 16 days into the 11 month the placenta would have been "worn" and old as it starts to deteriorate after 41 to 42 weeks.

    I just want peace of mind because there is a 2 month discrepancy and that's what bothers me.
    I dont know maybe if you where in my shoes you can relate.

    Curt77 replied to Curt77's response:


    Due to a recent event last weekend I decided to hire a lawyer as I may have found a lead. You wont believe who I think is behind this but I know its the pastor. Here is why.....

    Question : If someone contacts you not once but 4 times, thinking that your someone else, what would you do?A normal response would be to let them know that they have the wrong number. Im a right or am I right?

    This is what happened.... for the past year... I have trying to get the ex's Pastor involved.( She goes to an Old apostolic Church )I noticed every time I would ask for his number she would do to things.. ignore the questions or get really angry or defensive. I never could understand why this weird behavior because she has a close relationship with the pastor...She tells him EVERYTHING..dreams personal issues and in fact he was there at the birth of our son.

    Anyways Last week I Finally got her to give me the pastors number. I sent him a long text message stating that I wanted him to help us work this out and help me get answers from her on how she managed to be pregnant that long so I can continue with my life. To my surprise he did not reply

    Sunday I sent him another SMS and he did not reply...
    Tuestday I decided to call him... The phone rang and rang and rang.. and the "click"... He hung up the phone!!.. I then texted him asking him to contact me urgently..

    He called back on a different number 3 hours later.
    The whole conversation was (in a polite manner) him defending her and saying how she raised our son for 5 years by herself and how I need to accept the fact that he is my child after 2 blood tests. My response to this was just how when people die... we want to find out how.... In my case someone was pregnant halfway into the 11th month and the paperwork says 38 weeks.. I just want to know why and that all... He then said he would talk to the ex.

    This was Tuesday and he has not called me back since.

    Interestingly enough the ex called me on the 29th for my child support payment. When she called she asked me" Did you speak to my pastor" .. I reply " Yes i did. What did he say to you?" ............. (there was a dead silence)......
    I ask again.. and her reply was..." Where is my money"

    So why the dead silence.... Because she was recalling information on what her Pastor said about the conversation him and I had...and there may have been some sensitive information that she could not give me.. resulting in the "silent" response... Then she changed the subject in an angry tone of voice.

    That following night I come home and talked to my current girlfriend and told her how I think the pastor is involved in this situation somehow....She thought I was mad of course but ironiclly I turned on the TV to watch Medical Detectives..
    and the show was about a murder in the OLD APOSTOLIC CHURCH.... the SAME church the the ex went to ...

    Watching the show it noticed they way the church pastor interacted with the congregation... He has the power to instruct members of the who to marry... and even though I dont know if the ex's Pastor has done this before... but what I do know is that he knows each member on a VERY personal level. He knows there dreams as they are supposed document and report this to him. He even new how I "Swept" the ex of her feet. To me (and no offense to anyone) It seems like a watered down version of a cult .
    Anyway I thought is was a sign from god lol.
    But just to confirm this theory... Today I sent a text message to the ex and said to her how out the 5 years of our sons birth..she never has mentioned anything about spending time with our son.... She ONLY talked about money... thats it.
    So I demanded her to let me see my son this weekend to see her reaction. Her first reaction was " I have a busy week next week as I have to prepare my son for a church function."
    I told her that I am free on Saturday and I want to spend the day with him.... I convinced her to let me have im for the whole as she was working form 9 to 6pm.
    Curt77 replied to Curt77's response:
    I knew that she was going to come up with an excuse ..
    Sure enough, after she came from church she told me that her pastor said we need to sit down and talk about how I am going to be a good father...

    Whats there to talk about? I pay my child support, I am trying to spend time with my son?!

    Then I asked her if we can meet tomorrow after work, She then changed her story and said shes getting of at nine because shes working a double shift.. when initially she said shes getting off at six. I will show you guys a picture of my son and you so you an see how he looks.
    Curt77 replied to mwhite80's response:
    Hi there, I found a qualified lead who I think is the father.

    I found him on the Ex's Sisters facebook page.

    He has the same name as my son " Emmanual" he has the same Nick Name as my son " Manni" He is from Johannesburg (The ex's family all lives in Kimberly ... She never told me about any family members in Johannesburg but ironically when our son was born she went to Johannesburg to visit" family" )

    Also he has the exact features of my son...His ears stick out and he has a very prominent forehead. In fact ...the fathers whole family has these features..even there kids!

    I took my passport ID and compared it to my sons picture

    This is the real fathers picture

    Oh and just for the record..I recently asked the Ex about when she went to Johannesburg. I asked if she can give any family members name so when I go to Johannesburg I can take my son to visit them.. Her reply" It was 5 years ago and I cant remember there names " Lol she didnt even try to remember!
    ajohnson08099 replied to Curt77's response:
    Hmm this is a very strange and interesting story. I read your document and it all just seems really weird.

    So let me get a few things straight though. Your ex and son live in South Africa? Have you seen your son face to face at all? I don't know how the laws are there, but if they are the same as here if you are paying child support you have the legal right to see your son. I would have suggested taking him for a seperate DNA test, but I think you need a swab from both parents along with the child. So this child is 5 now? Have you ever been able to ask him any of this? Does he call you dad or act like you are his father?

    It is NOT possible that she was pregnant for 10.5 months.. Its just not. She was 38 weeks pregnant and thats that.

    I'm really surprised you got to see her records, I know in the US that is VERY illegal. Much less for her to be able to run off with the only copy of her profile. You also said she has had another child? What happened to that child? Does she still have him/her?

    This is a very strange story! I am glad you got a lawyer, thats a good decision. I've heard of churches doing strange things, but just because a TV show said something about it I wouldn't necissarily run with that answer.

    Have you contacted this man in Johannesburg? It may not be a horrible idea. That is strange for your ex to say that she went there to visit family, but can't remember the family members name.

    I don't know, this all may be tampered with, because something is definately not right. Not unless she stole a sample from you or something!!

    I wish you the best of luck in all of this. Sounds like a TV story itself!

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