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Morning Sickness
beckie_33 posted:
What helps with morning (all day sickness)? This is my first pregnancy and I don't know what to expect and the nausea is not fun.
mwhite80 responded:
Try eating small meal more frequently, you dont want to be hungry that is usually when ms can hit. Crackers and dry ceareal always helped me also drink plenty of water. Good luck
boxingunderwater responded:
Ugh, NOTHING! I am 38 weeks, and everyone told me "it will subside your second trimester." It didn't...I was sick the whole time. It started subsiding about two weeks ago, just in time for killer acid reflux and heartburn to take over.

My doctor gave me all sorts of things to try--ginger, vitamins, seabands...crackers before getting out of bed....

There is a lollipop I recently read about that is supposed to help with nausea, I would have liked to have tried it.

The only thing I could do was make sure I was well hydrated--I started loading up on powerade zero, and I stocked up on very bland mashed potato mixes for the worst days. I've lost weight during my pregnancy! If you can believe it!

I know that there are certain medications that you could take, if your doctor is comfortable prescribing them. Maybe you could talk to him/her about that. Good luck!
FrenchBulldogMom responded:
My doctor wrote me a prescription for Zofran and I've been taking it since I was 7 weeks pregnant. I'm 19 weeks now, and the nausea hasn't gone away. If I don't take my pill in the morning, I'll start dry heaving and sometimes throw up stomach acid. If I take it first thing, sometimes I don't get sick for the rest of the day. I'm having twins, so my RE, regular OB, and high-risk OB have all told me that twins can cause you to have worse than "normal" nausea.

From about 7-12 weeks, I kept a box of Triscuit at work and snacked on it during the day. Also, regular Coke in a bottle helps me, too. Some people like ginger ale better.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
I was prescribed phenergan. And took that everyday. I still had m/s but it wasn't as bad or as frequent and I had that until I was 17 weeks and then it was less frequent m/s without meds until i was about 20 weeks with a lot of nausea. Some women will have m/s throughout their entire pregnancy but generally for most women it will subside sometime in the 2nd trimester. I tried seabands, the preggie pops (its basically a tart hard candy), pepperment, crackers, etc... and nothing helped. The phenergan helped atleast enough to where I could eat some food though. They actually had me stop taking my prenatals for a while as well since I couldn't keep them down and then had me restart once I could keep food down (I hard to switch types of prenatals though as well). Feel better.

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