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Am I pregnant or stressed about possibly being pregnant?
An_243569 posted:
I posted this in the "Could I be Pregnant? Community" but I'd like as much input as soon as possible. I'm really scared.

I had a mishap the last time I had sex; the condom broke. The positives are that I'm on birth control and I took Plan B the next day.

However, there are a lot more things that are worrying me. After it broke we kept having sex. I looked at the ovulation calculator and it happened during "high fertility." My stomach has been upset the last couple days and all day today I've had this knot in the back of my throat.

I have high levels of anxiety as is, so I can't tell if it's one or the other or both. I have until Sunday till I finish this month's birth control, but I can't wait that long without some input or to see if I get my period.

Any thoughts??
hgreenwood7058 responded:
I think it may just be anxiety. If you were on birth control and you took the plan b its highly unlikely that you would be pregnant. Birth control is supposed to prevent you from being able to get pregnant though if you miss a pill you still have the ability to ovulate. However the plan B in addition to the birth control could cause you cycle to be slightly out of wack too since its a lot of hormones you have in your body. Its possible that you may end up being a little late but if you are truely concerned take a test. There are tests that can detect up to 6 days early.
mwhite80 responded:
Unless you missed a pill, you shouldn't take the birth control pill and plan b together. It is bad for your body, too much hormones. Try to relax being stressed can make your period late or you could miss your period all together.
An_243569 replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
Thank you. I appreciate your response. I never even considered the effect that the overload of hormones would have. I just wanted to take every measure possible. I'm glad you you think it's just stress. I needed to hear that from someone.
An_243569 replied to mwhite80's response:
Thank you for your response. Like I said in the last Reply, I wasn't even considering what Plan B would do in regards to my period. I just wanted to be as cautious as possible. But it makes sense now that you both have explained it. And I've definitely calmed down after reading the responses. I just have to wait the week out and go from there.
mwhite80 replied to An_243569's response:
good luck
Olivia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi there!

Looks like you got some good feedback from other members. I just want to add one thing regarding how anxious you've been.

When you find that anxiety about getting pregnant is engulfing you, the best thing to do is reach out to your own GYN or other doctor that you see who has prescribed these medications for you. If you can't get in touch with your doctor, call your pharmacist.

Easing your mind and your stress can bring a lot of things back into perspective.

Take care,

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