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Separate forum idea for "Am I Pregnant?"
boxingunderwater posted:
I just was complaining to my hubby about how when I post, I have the hardest time finding what I posted because it's overshadowed by "Am I Pregnant?" When I was showing him, I was surprised to see someone else had posted about the same thing--but I'm not sure if it was taken down or the person deleted it but when I clicked to read it, it was gone.

Maybe for everyone wondering if they're pregnant, there could be a separate forum, or a sticky with more info since it seems to be so common. It's a scary time, and everyone deserves to be heard and have their fears and thoughts addressed, but it's the same exact question over and over, and I feel that I deserve to be heard, too, but my question gets bumped down and no replies because there are so many of the others.

Thanks for listening!
Mrsmossy responded:
I agree... I come to this site because i AM pregnant not wondering if i am, there is a seperate one for that its called "could i be pregnant" and it can be found on the pregnancy community page or TTC community page. Its really rather obnoxious when the same person posts the same post about being pregnant on every pregnancy fourm they can find... There is a reason the other one was created..
Anon_19625 responded:
Yes I was the one who posted about being tired of coming on here and seeing nothing but AM I PREGNANT? posts. I never deleted my post so I guess it was taken down. There is a could I be pregnant board but I dont think they get answers on there. I am about ready to find a new forum to join.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
I agree but they really could be posting in the "could I be pregnant" board which is available now. I think what tends to happen is they post both here and there to see who will answer.
Olivia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi there!

I completely understand your frustration. I think that some folks are coming here hoping that the expert will tell them whether they might be pregnant, but that's really not what this board is about.

I'm going to put up a sticky note today, but keep in mind that folks may not read it and will keep posting these types of questions. Unless the posts go against WebMD's Terms of Use in some way, we can't remove those posts from the board.

My suggestion to all of you who are frustrated is to try and skim over those. I'll do my best to redirect as many as possible.

Also, we DO have a Could I Be Pregnant? board here at WebMD that was created just for this purpose.

Again, thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts, and I will do my best to see if I can help.


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