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first pregnancy, vegetarian
Magaly26 posted:
I just found out I'm 4 weeks, I haven't had a doctor visit yet because I don't have insurance yet. do doctors support vegeterianism during pregnancy? or will they make me eat salmon? also do they prescribe pre natal vitamins or do I but them over the counter? I'm excited and scared!
hgreenwood7058 responded:
welcome and congrats. As far as being vegetarian I am not sure I think it will depend on your provider. My provider just said eat more protein. She didn't specify what kind (i am not vegetarian but I also don't eat meat real often). You may try some protein shakes for the extra protein. Or ask the provider when you get an appt. As far as prenatal vitamins this also depends on your provider. Generally they will prescribe it if you ask. Or you can go to the store and get some. You could get about a 90 day supply of prenatals for $4-5 at walmart or pay more depending on what kind you get (different brands). If you are working on getting state insurance then usually the insurance will just pay for the prescribed prenatals though. Good luck and best wishes
FrenchBulldogMom responded:
My RE and OB said that I could take over the counter prenatals. They only wrote me a prescription because my insurance covers them 100%. I haven't been able to eat a lot at all because of morning sickness, so I bought some Boost protein drink mix. I guess if you're vegan, you can use soy milk instead of regular milk. The protein bars are also pretty good, too.

I'm sure they'll let you eat meat substitutes, as long as you're getting enough nutrition. You can probably find a pregnancy center or free clinic that you can go to at little or no cost. My husband isn't eligible for insurance at his new job for a couple of months, so I applied for Medicaid and was approved. I don't think they'll deny a pregnant woman who has no insurance coverage. It's worth a try, anyway.
beckie_33 responded:
Some states have a baby your baby program that will help pay for your doctors visits until you can get onto medicaid. I suggest you look into that.

You should be able to apply for medicaid online.
Zenscience responded:
it is perfectly healthy to be a vegetarian while pregnant, just make sure that you eat at least four servings of protien a day from other sources, the book "what to expect when your expecting" has a great list of protien sources and bunches of other usefull info. as for prenatal vitamins, you can get those over the counter, make sure they have a bunch of folic acid. you should be able to get a free pregnancy confirmation at planned parenthood or any community free clinic, you will need this to take to your local social services office so you can get free health care and probably WIC which will provide healthy foods. good luck and welcome to the mommy club, congrats

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