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Conception date help
An_243767 posted:
I had my LMP on January 11th or 12th. I had unprotected sex on January 20th and then a lot of unprotected sex from January 27th-30th. I took a pregnancy test on February 9th and it was negative. I took another 2 on February 25, they were both positive. I have an appointment with the Dr. on March 8th, but is there anyway that I could tell when my conception date was. If I had conceived earlier on the 20th, wouldn't my pregnancy test on the 9th have been positive? Also, on the night of the 30th I took emergency contraception and started my birth control the next day. Do you think this could have effected any of it?
hgreenwood7058 responded:
Generally you wouldn't ovulate 9 days after af (generally it is about 12-14 days before your next af but can be a little bit different for everyone. If you got a positive pregnancy tests on the 25th then I hope that you stopped your birth control and have contacted an OB provider to get checked out. Its possible that you tested too early on the 9th and then you didn't test again for two weeks so its possible that it would have shown up positive just a couple days after the 9th. Its hard to say what your conception date will be. You should make an appt with an OB if you haven't who may do some blood work or an u/s to determine how far along you are and if there may be any other issues. Good luck

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