Unable to eat
taeswife2009 posted:
I am 5 months pregnant with my 5th child. Lately, I have only been able to eat one full meal a day, and if i try to eat more than that, I get sick. Is this normal? I should mention that I was diagnosed with depression just before becoming pregnant, so I don't know if they are connected or not. Please help!!
FrenchBulldogMom responded:
I hit 5 months tomorrow and I can't eat much, either. I've only gained 4 lbs this entire pregnancy and I'm having twins. My doctors both said that as long as I take my prenatal vitamins that the babies will get what they need from me. I did buy some Boost drink mix and I drink one every day. I ate some cheese pizza today, but most days, I can only eat child-sized meals.
Talk to your doctor about what you're going through. Maybe they'll be able to give you some options.
nicram8683 responded:
I am 23 wks along and overall weight is -3 pounds. I lost about 10 pounds in early pregnancy. Also, for the last few weeks, I feel like I am so hungry but then after one or two bites, I feel so full & bloated, I can not eat anymore. Every woman can have different symptoms throughout the pregnancy. Most important thing is that the baby is getting nutrients and is growing well. At my last appointment, my Dr. said that my baby is big & healthy so he isn't concerned with my lack of weight gain. If you feel concerned, you should speak to your Dr. Best of luck
hgreenwood7058 responded:
That will probably come and go. I honestly couldn't hardly eat anything (but cucumbers and tomatoes in the am with multiple cups of apple juice and then barely anything for the rest of the day except fluid) until I was about 21 weeks pregnant maybe a little further. I would have to force myself to eat a little bit more. Then all the sudden the "I want everything" bug kicked in. And since then I have been on a steady rise with my weight (not to thrilled about how much I have gained). This may happen to you as well. And like the pp said you could try adding a boost drink or ensure something that has quite a bit of nutrients and protein (you could also try protein bars/shakes) so that your body and baby get all the nutrients they need. It is possible the depression can have something to do with it but it may just be one of those phases as well. If truely concerned though when you go to see your OB this next time mention it and see what he/she has to say and if there is any recommendations. Mine always just said "protein, protein, protein" and to eat small snacks/meals throughout the day verses bigger meals.
mwhite80 responded:
Try not eating full meals, eat smaller meals it does help. I had alot of ms with my second pregnancy and that is how i was able to eat.