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is it a miscarriage?? urgent reply is required
marinarayan1 posted:
[TRIGGER] Hello,
i have a 10 months old baby and im again pregnant. after my first baby my periods are not regular.usuallay 10-12 days delays occured. this time when 15 days have passed i did PT and found positive. on the next day bleeding has started..the bleeding is light but is of red color not pink or brown...i checked with the doctor..she carried out blood pregnancy test and it was also positive then she did ultrasund but nothing is clearly seen. hen she carried out hcg test and the value is 931 mIU/ml . also she did ultrasound on other machine that was more clear bt she couldnt see anything very clear. she then wrote that small cystic area in high fundal region which is likely to be gastational sac . she called me after 48 hours and said that again beta hcg test again will be done to c the level bleeding is continue since 2 days and sometimes it is less and some times normal but not heavy and some clots also coming ... but i dont feel any pain..can u plz tell me what is the situtaion and what should i do?? am i going towards miscarriage??plz reply urgently
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
[TRIGGER] [TRIGGER> Dear Marinarayan,

I completely understand your concern about this pregnancy, please call your doctor and to ask your specific questions. Unfortunately, the experts here are unable to advise you via an online forum.

In the meantime, this information may be helpful - Bleeding During Pregnancy.

Please keep us posted about how you are feeling and what you find out,
marinarayan1 replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Dear Staff..thanks for your concern..i just need to ask one thing that can i go for lab test for hcg right after 48 hrs from my previous test or can i delay the time so that the result will be more clear... plz reply urgently.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to marinarayan1's response:
Hi Marinarayan -

From what I have read the usual time between hCG tests is 2 -3 days and the levels should double.

Best wishes for good results and a relaxing, worry-free weekend,
hgreenwood7058 responded:
At this point it is unclear if you could be having a m/c or not. With your value starting out at 931 it would be very unlikely for them to see anything on ultrasound. When I had my m/c the er told me that they usually don't see much if anything at all until atleast 1200. Your hcg should double every 48-72 hours at this point (though it does sometimes go a little higher or little lower which can be normal as well). At this point unfortunately its a waiting game until you get the next blood work and results. Best wishes.
marinarayan1 replied to hgreenwood7058's response: i received my 2nd hcg test result and it was 132..means i said that nothing is to b worried about..all is fine but i need another ultrasound after a week...i need to ask that what care should i take take now to prevent next miscarriage? what precautions hould i take after my miscarriage? and as i hav rh negative blood roup so do i need to get the injection before i plan to have a baby bcoz in my last baby that injection was given to me in 7th month...plz suggest...
hgreenwood7058 replied to marinarayan1's response:
I am sorry to hear about the miscarriage. It is very hard. Unfortunately most miscarriages you can't do anything to prevent them. Often tmes it is due to a chromosomal defect and your body sees that so it does not allow the pregnancy to continue. It is good that they are doing an extra u/s because they can then see that everything has been emptied out of your uterus (if not everything is emptied then it can cause infection). Take prenatals if you aren't as well. I would ask the doctor as to when you can start trying again. Some providers will say wait one cycle, some say 3 and some say go ahead and start trying. Your cycle may be late this time around due to the m/c (some it goes right back to normal around 4 weeks while others it takes quite a bit longer it took me 11 weeks to get my period the 1st time after m/c). Definately remind Dr. about the rh negative as well. Some will give a shot now and some don't. Just depends on provider. And then they sometimes do it later on. I would also recommend the trying to conceive after loss board when you start trying again because they are a great group of gals who are all trying to get pregnant again after m/c and they a great support system for everyone there. That is where I spent my time after I m/c and was trying to conceive and it was very helpful because they have been in the same situation so they understand. Best wishes.

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