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Vertigo and Antivert during pregnancy
An_246287 posted:
I am seven weeks pregnant and have a very recent history of vertigo. Two weeks before we conceived, I was diagnosed and treated for vertigo with Antivert. So far, I haven't had any recurrence. How likely is it that my pregnancy will increase the chances of a vertigo recurrence? Can I take the Anitvert while I'm pregnant? We have a vacation with air travel planned for my 11-12th weeks. I'm worried that the plane will trigger the vertigo. My regular physician suggested that I NOT take the Anitvert during pregnancy, but he also suggested that I not take anything if I can avoid it (including tylenol, benadryl, etc...). How will vertigo affect my pregnancy? Does the risk of the Antivert outweigh the benefits?
northern_girl responded:
I'm far from an expert. But my OB told me that because she was unsure of how Antivert affects pregnancy, that I should NOT take Antivert while pregnant
Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
I have good news for you regarding the medication. I have reviewed the information, and Antivert is a category B drug and is therefore considered safe throughout pregnancy. You can take it.

Now the bad news. I am not sure how you will respond to the vertigo in pregnancy. I am concerned regarding the pregnancy changes and the nausea that occurs which may increase your symptoms.

You need to see your physician to consider whether you can go on a plane.

I wish you all the best.Feel better