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Planing for a baby - hyperthyroid
ttc_person posted:
A year and half back I was diagonised with hyper thyroid(graves disease) after I went to the DR complaining about my weight loss and hand tremors. My levels were totally whacky then but after the DR administered PTU 3 (50 mg) per day my levels came into control after a year and for the last three months my tsh, T3 and T4 were normal and my dr wanted to take just 1 PTU per day. Seeing my levels in control we wanted to plan for our first baby.My gync prescribed me Vitafol and I started having it. Within a month of taking vitafol my levels went back low (tsh was < 0.01) and my Dr increased my PTU dosage to 2 per day. But my concern is vitafol affecting my thyroid levels? I saw its indicated in the prenatals that it contains 150mcg of iodine. I for some reason feel that this iodine is causing my hyperthyroid.
When I asked my Dr if I can TTC now, he advised me to wait until my levels get in normal range. Am worried and confused.. pls help!
Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
So the real question is should you make a more permenant solution to the Grave's Disease. Some suggest Radioactive Iodide to obliterate the thryoid gland. This would make you hypothyroid and you would then need to take replacement therapy for the remainder of life.

The benefit is, you will not have the same risks if you still have hyperthyroidism. There are antibodies that can cross the placenta which can cause possible side effects to the baby even if you have the radioactive Iodide or not.

I would suggest talking more to your Endocrinologist to see if you should have the radioactive iodide or not. If you do, you cannot get pregnant for 3 months.

Good luck with your decisions.

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