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Getting worried...
jenasci posted:
I went for my first dr appt today and I like any woman who is pregnant for the first time, I was excited. I went in thinking that I was almost 10 wks and that maybe I'd be able to hear my baby's heartbeat. To my surprise, when I went to have the sonogram done, they couldn't find a heartbeat. They tried the vaginal sonogram too and still no heartbeat. During the first one I saw the sac, but didn't get to see the other screen. When the nurse was done she said that she could see the sac and what was suppose to be the baby's spine, but instead of the almost 10 wks I thought I was, the sac appeared to only be at about 6 1/2 wks or so. They said that either I wasn't as far along as I thought or that I was having a miscarriage. I almost couldn't breath when I heard that. I did have some spotting a few weeks ago, but no pain, no heavy bleeding, and no clots. This morning before my appt I spotted again, but again, no other symptoms. I'm really hoping that I'm just really off about how far along I am and not having a miscarriage. I have another sonogram next week and I'm really hoping that I hear the baby's heartbeat.

My husband's first wife had several miscarriages and he says that if I was having a miscarriage that I would have known before today. He's trying to be so brave for me and for us, but I know how much it hurt him to hear that we might be losing our first baby together. I'm just kinda freaking out right now, but trying to stay positive about the whole thing. We're praying that everything will be alright.

Has anyone ever dealt with something like this before? If so, what was your outcome?
northern_girl responded:
When I had my first OB appointment, with my first pregnancy, the Ultrasound tech assumed that my dates were just off. She said not to worry, that this happens a lot, and usually the doctor just has you come back the following week for another one.


However, I was miscarrying, and unfortunately, I had absolutely NO symptoms, until the morning of my follow-up appointment. That was when I started bleeding heavily. Other than that, I had nausea, so no clue that I wasn't going to keep my baby.

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