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timgal posted:
what meds can a pregnant women take who has deprestion paranoid sycophrenic and axniaty dissorder with out hurting baby that could help her eat and sleep?
An_242764 responded:
Talk with your doctor. He/she can tell you what is safe and what isn't. Your OB-GYN should know of all the medications you are on and what they are for.

I take Zoloft for depression and anxiety and Trazadone to help me sleep. My doctor said they were fine. The biggest problem is the withdrawl symptoms on the baby after it's born. If you breastfeed the symptoms are less.
Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
This is always a difficult question to answer. There are changing thoughts on the "actual" risk related to the medications. It appears now, the risk is thought to be quite low, although not zero.

A safe medication for someone who is psychophrenic is Haldol. This is a very safe medication which can be used. The issue of anxiety disorder is harder, what gestational age the individual is in, etc...

I agree with the other responder which is to contact your physician and discuss further.

I wish you all the best.