Babies Born Too Soon
Sarah McMoyler, RN posted:
Yesterday at the hospital, a baby who was thought to be thirty-eight weeks gestation was born; upon closer inspection it was determined he was actually just thirty-six weeks. While this is not a critical situation, he is struggling to nurse and stay warm.

Forty weeks is deemed the "due Date." The closer babies are to full-term, the more they thrive. Certainly there are medical indications that warrant inducing labor, including gestational diabetes, increased blood pressure, bleeding, the bag of waters has broken and intrauterine growth retardation (baby not gaining weight.) These babies will continue growing in the Intensive Care Nursery or "womb with a view."

Whenever possible, it is most beneficial to keep your baby inside, so that when they are born, their size and weight, ability to keep themselves warm and suck reflex have developed to the point that they go home with YOU versus staying at the hospital hotel!

Anyone else dealt with an early delivery? Trials and tribulations to share?

Sarah McMoyler RN