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i dont understand
nancyautrand posted:
have asthema it is getting worse and i dont know what to do cause i am out of medicine dose pregnacy make it worse? i dont get yeast infections and now that i am pregnat i am getting them and i dont know if this is normal? i dont know anything about how take care of the yeast infections or what to do when i am out of my inhaler now that i am pregnat it seems as though it all is going crazy if you can help me figure out quick methods to help stop an asthema attack or what to do about a yeast infection it will help and one more question dose any one usally get a head cold when they are pregnant i have one and the safe over the counter meds aint working open for helpful tips on helping me out in this catagory or any other
An_242764 responded:
You need to get to the doctor and get a new Rx for an inhaler. I also have asthma and have been to the ER a couple of times for bronchitis. If you can't breathe the baby has a hard time breathing so you really need to have your inhaler.

Talk to your doctor about the yeast infections. Maybe he/she can give you options. And UTI's and yeast infections can be very common in pregnancy.

You need to talk to your doctor and if you don't have one you need to get one ASAP! If you don't have insurance apply for Medicaid.
nancyautrand replied to An_242764's response:
have been contacted by an high risk pregnacy doctotor since i posted this he is wanting to contidict what 6 doctors and a ultrasound and5 blood tests say about me being pregnat i dont know what to do now he told me fat people cant get pregnat but like i told him it aint imposiable my grandma was and so many other people i know was when they were pregnat he said it imposible i dont see how i can name 7 family members as big as i am that has been and deliviered a baby but i am taking your advice i have since got into contact with my doctor my pcp and got medicine for the yeast and for the asthema but the asthema aint really working i think i have a head cold now so i guess back to the doctor is it common for a women to get head colds and be pregnat like this i am confused anything you can help me with will be appreciated
scperdomo7 replied to nancyautrand's response:
Of course women of all sizes can get pregnant - unless there is an underlying issue preventing her from doing so.

Pregnant women can get colds, just like anyone else. The only problem is there really isn't anything we can take to ease symptoms (except for plain old Tylenol).

With all due respect, you seem very uneducated about pregnancy. This is a great site to learn about the ins and outs - I would suggest taking a tour of the pregnancy related articles available on this site and perhaps speaking with a couple female family members who have been through pregnancy.

Good luck!
nancyautrand replied to scperdomo7's response:
ok i have been reading every thing i can about pregnancy but i still dont understand i dont have any family or friends really to help me out while i go through this so thnks anyways but i guess i will have to do what i been doing stay to myself and wing it by reading what i can i just wanted some help but that ok i think i got more help from An_242764 than you thanks
tbkittycat replied to nancyautrand's response:
You also need to get a new high risk pregnancy doctor. Overweight people can and do get pregnant. I knew a woman who was overweight and got pregnant. You couldn't really tell she was pregnant unless you knew her.
An_242764 replied to nancyautrand's response:
I had bronchitis twice in my first trimester and with having asthma it's worse for me.

Also pregnancy lowers your immune system which causes you to get sick more often so you need to be sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet. And being over weight you are at a higher risk of gestational diabetes so eating healthy is very important. I have gestational diabetes and it's not fun.

You can't take cold medicine before your 12th week of pregnancy and after that you can take regular robbitussin, but you still have to be careful. Look online for approved medications for pregnant women.

The reason why you can't take certain medicine is because it can affect the development of your baby. There are different classes of medicine (A, B, C). I believe class B is what you can take while pregnant and class C is unknown meaning there hasn't been enough studies to indicate if it is really harmful to pregnant women.

You need to get a new high risk doctor that knows more. Obese women can get pregnant and get pregnant all the time. Your doctor is very bias and ignorant.

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