Hormone Levels
AnnCarrie posted:
I am curious if the situation that I am in right now has happened to anyone else...I am almost 7 weeks pregnant and because my pregnancy is so early I had a beta test done to just to be certain that I am pregnant because I have not been experiencing any "symptoms" (minus that fact that I have missed one period). And although I had taken 3 at home pregnancy test and they all came back positive, I still wanted to be certain because I have had continuous spotting for the last 3 weeks. With this being my first pregnancy, I wasn't sure what was going on.
I got the beta test and the results last week Thursday, which at the time devastated me. I was told that my hormone levels were not doubling like they should. My base line hormone level was 3,125 mlU/ml and then 48 hours later my hormone levels only climbed to 4,325 mlU/ml. Which was alarming to the nurses. They had told me that the most likely reasons for the test results were due to either a miscarriage or the chance of an ectopic pregnancy. Fearful of both scenarios I scheduled an ultrasound.
As nervous as I was to found out the reasoning behind my inactive hormone levels, I was pleasantly surprised by my ultrasound. I was indeed STILL pregnant and the embryo was in my uterus and NOT in my fallopian tube. The ultrasound showed the embryo with a heartbeat of 114. I am greatly relieved but at the same time still confused.
Why aren't my hormone levels increasing??? Should I continue to get blood work done to see if they are increasing with time? If they continue to slowly climb is that normal or could this affect the development of my baby? There are so many questions that I have and I would love to hear some input. I am looking forward to being a mom and I want to do anything and everything to keep this pregnancy healthy and safe. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to share their comments.
scperdomo7 responded:
What is your OB saying? Is (s)he concerned at all? I would definitely be making a list of questions and addressing them with your doctor (that's what you're paying them for!).

Unfortunately, I dont have any experience with what you are going through, hopefully some other ladies will be able to assist! Best wishes!!
Joi17 replied to scperdomo7's response:
I'm in the same boat myself. I had blood work done July 20, and the results came back saying my hormone level is 135. I had more blood work done the next day and the result is my hormone level is 172. I have an appointment with my doctor 07/25 to see what the status of my pregnancy is. My doctor wants me to come in every 2 days to check the levels and to make sure it's not an ectopic pregnancy. I want to know, is this a routine procedure or should I be even more worried than I am now?
AnnCarrie replied to scperdomo7's response:
Thank you for your reply and the best wishes!!
AnnCarrie replied to Joi17's response:
Hi Joi17,
I understand your worries, I wish you the best of luck tomorrow at your doctors appointment and I am curious how is goes for you. How far along are you? I will be 7 weeks tomorrow, so my doctor was able to do an internal ultrasound and that is how I was able to rule out an ectopic pregnancy and also see the healthy embryo with a heartbeat. I went back to my doctor yesterday to follow up and she was very supportive and told me that a healthy ultrasound out weights the slowly increasing hormone levels any day. Which of course made me feel a world better. Also, my doctor talked about a recent study that had come out about how the hormone levels could only increase 50% and still be considered "normal". Granted your levels are slightly under 50% perhaps by tomorrow they will have increased!! Again, good luck and I hope that you receive good news just as I did. Keep your thoughts positive and mind focused on exactly what you want.
Joi17 replied to AnnCarrie's response:
I'm calculated to be at least 5 weeks. I'm going to talk to the OBGYN I personally go to and tell her everything that's going on and see where I go from there, because right about now, I'm freaking out. My OBGYN had me schedule an appointment for 08/01 for a sonogram/ultrasound before getting the beta results. Now I get the results from another OBGYN and she wants me to come in every 2 days. I'm nervous already and the thought of me going to have a beta test every 2 days is putting me over the edge, especially when my OBGYN told me she doesn't see any reason why I should be an ectopic pregnancy.