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5 weeks, 6 days - yolk sac - possible abnormal shape...
IAmStunned posted:
HI Everyone,

I have been having my hcg levels checked the last couple of weeks because my doctor wanted to monitor them since I became pregnant immediately after a miscarriage, and without having gotten my period back.
Here are what my levels were and the dates:
July 6th - 1
July 11th - 49
July 16th - 1023
July 19th - 4587
July 23rd - 17,260

I had an ultrasound today and they put me at 5 weeks 6 days, based on what I am not positive because they did not show me anything. They did tell me they saw a yolk sac, which I think is a good thing, but I thought we should have seen more at this point and given my levels of hcg. They also mentioned concern about the shape of the sac, but I am not sure if they were referring to the shape of the gestational sac or the yolk sac... and either way I do not know what this means, if anything? I don't have another ultrasound until August 10th, can anyone shed some light?
scperdomo7 responded:
I'm sorry. I'm not familiar with what all that means, but here is a bump. Hopefully your OB can shine some more light on the situation when you go back for another ultrasound.
Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
So, I know this is hard, however, time will be the only thing which helps us decide on what the pregnancy will do. All of your HCG's are normal. I have seen so many different things happen with pregnancy over the last 20 years, I would try and not worry about it until you have the ultrasound done on the 10th. At that time you will see a fetus, should see a heart beat as well.

All the HCG's tell you is that the pregnancy is going well. It is not a substitute to ultrasound telling you how far along you are.

Hang in there. Try not to stress over it at this point in time.