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Mucus Plug or Something Else?
Cowgal7083 posted:
I know this might be tmi for some, but its the only way I can describe what has happened.
I'm currently 39 weeks and other than some contractions last weekend have had no signs of labor. Today after going #2 wiping and flushing, I continued to sit there a min more because its kinda a pain in the but to get up. When I did get up, I turned and looked in the toilet and saw this silver dollar size camoflage colored (greens, browns, reds mixed with the mucus) snot ball. All the reading I have done says that the mucus plug should be more clear/white with hints of reds, so I'm not really sure what to think.
Yesterday morning my doctor stripped my membranes to try and get things moving along. He said nothing about my plug at that time, and I didn't think to ask him if mine was there. If this isn't my plug, is this a result of the stripping? Why the funky color? Ideas?
Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
So, it seems as if you have described the mucous plug beautifully. I am sure that is what you had come out. It is OK. Having your membranes stripped may have caused it to look slightly different.

Good luck with your upcoming labor.

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