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    Could i be pregnant?>
    miasunlight posted:
    My first time doin this So me and my fiance started TTC just in June, I had an oviran cyst i was dealing with and was concerned in not being able to become pregnant. So mid cycle June while TTC (ovulation period) i had extreme pain in my left side, OMG i thought i was giving birth it was really bad i knew somehting was up. That was June 18th. On July 3rd my af came, and let me inform you i am very regular, 28-29 cylces. So i was a little disappointed but still it was our 1 month TTC. On July 19th I had an ultrasound appt to chk and see if the cyst got any bigger and to my surprise MY CYST WAS TOTALLY GONE!! So that pain that I had experieanced mid cyle last month was it bursting wow. i was in shock and amazed in what my body was doin, the sonogramer also informed me that i was rly ovulating alot that day So that night we got busy lol. 8dpo came along and i couldn't help it, i took the TEST. BFN! I didnt want to take another until my period was due but of course i caved in lol. 11dpo BFN too. Finally 12dpo i took a EPT like 130pm at work and saw nothing, but 10 min later there was a very noticeable faint line! I was so excited i called my Fiance right away lol...... he was like rly?? how can you be sure he said, i was like i know i am. So i called my OB/gyn to let them know, and i have a blood test today 13dpo sch.. Later that night on 12dpo i took another test with my fiance and BFN, and this morning before i get the blood test done i took 2 AND BOTH VERY FAINT LINES.... Im confused into what my body is doing but i just know i am pregos. I will have the test done today so hopefully i will know for sure soon. Also having bleeding
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    The one taken at work may have been a false positive. The majority of pregnancy tests say the results are invalid after 10 minutes and you may have just seen an evaporation line.

    However, as long as you read the tests you took this morning within the proper time frame, chances are you are pregnant.

    Let us know what the blood test says.
    scperdomo7 responded:
    You many find this board helpful as they are all probably experience similar things that you are right now.

    I'm sorry, you are using so many abbreviations I'm finding it a little difficult to understand - but I think I got the point.

    You took a few home pregnancy tests (HPT) and they said you were negative. You took one at work and it was negative, but you came back 10 min later and it was positive.
    No HPT should be read after 10 minutes - chances are that the positive you saw was false. Usually it will tell you this in the instuctions.

    You then scheduled a blood test with your OBGYN and later that night you took another HPT, which also came out negative. And then, this morning you took 2 more HPT which both gave you 2 faint lines.
    It sounds like you might be pregnant, but you should know for sure after your appointment with your OB. Good luck.

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