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    Includes Expert Content
    Baby Movement
    ANG31G0RD0N posted:
    I was wondering what I should do. I don't really feel my baby move because I'm usually sleeping during her active time. If she only moves around 12, 1, 2 in the morning, when I'm sleeping, how am I suppose to know if she's moving or not. I'm 39 weeks and 3 days as of today. I'm a little afraid and I don't see my physician until Thursday. Can I please get some expert advice on this? Please and Thank-You, Angel Gordon.
    scperdomo7 responded:
    Hi there! Everyone is different, but with my last pregnancy I noticed that towards the end of the pregnancy, the baby wasn't moving around nearly as much as in earlier months. When I asked my doc, he said, well - the baby is a little cramped in there, so he doesn't really have as much room to move so that could be your case here.

    I also noticed that in general, his active times tended to be when I was at rest. I worked a job where I was on my feet most of the time, so I guess you could say that I was "rocking" him all day, so of course he wasnt moving much then! But at night and in the evening, when I was just sitting down (or sleeping) the baby wasnt being "rocked to sleep" so he tended to be up and moving around.

    I think as long as you are still feeling her move, then it shouldn't be a huge concern, but if you are really worried, then give your doc a call and see what he/she says.
    Mrsmossy responded:
    I was worried about my little guy not moving as much one week, he must have been very worn out. so i asked my dr. She said if i was worried i wasn't feeling him move enough lay on my left side in a room all alone with out the TV on or my phone or anyone around me including the dogs and just wait. as long as you feel baby more than i think 10 times in 24 hours everything is a-okay!
    An_242764 replied to Mrsmossy's response:
    To count kicks it's 10 kicks in 1 hour. The further along you are the less kicks you'll feel because there is less room for the baby to move around. You'll feel jabs instead. If you are up moving around you aren't as likely to feel your baby kick because you rock him/her to sleep. Try drinking a cold class of water or eating something and lie down and you should feel your baby kick.
    abh114 replied to An_242764's response:
    When do you start feeling the baby move? Im only 11 weeks and 1 day so i know not any time soon. Also what does it feel like when the baby does kick?
    An_242764 replied to abh114's response:
    I didn't feel my baby move until I was about 20-22 weeks and it felt like bubbles in my tummy.

    If this is your first baby you aren't likely to feel it move until later in pregnancy. Those who have been pregnant before know what to look for so they'll feel the baby kick sooner.

    Dont be worried if you don't feel your baby kick until you are in weeks 20-25.
    Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
    You have received some wonderful advice. If you don't feel the baby move, you must see the physician now. I would lie down twice a day right after meals and count the 10 movements in one hour. If you don't feel 10 movements, extend it one hour. If you still have not felt 10 movements by then you should go to the hospital and make sure everything is OK.

    This is the one thing you should not hesitate to go in and make sure the baby is OK. You also need to take the time out and check your babies movements.

    It is true, as you get beyond 34-36 weeks the qualitative movments change. The baby is "running out of room". You will feel more rolling than the jabs you have been receiving all along but you should still feel the baby moving.

    If not, go get checked out. Now. Call your physician as well.

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