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advice about C-sections
twjdljcmj posted:
I would like to get as many opinions that i can about the risks of being pregnant with twins after already having 3 C-sections. All 3 children were very healthy my 1st one decided to flip at last minute and i had to have emergency C-section. Doctor said all pregnancies after would have to be C-section. It's been 4 years since my last C-section and i could possibly be pregnant with twins.
Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
The real question is do you have twins or not. Having twins certainly would increase the risk of complications. We know the greater the number of C/S's, the higher the risk of complications.

The biggest risk of having 3 C/S's is where the placenta inserts and that can be determined at a later date.

Find out for sure if you have twins, and then more discussion can occur.