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need u advice urgently chorioangioma
mommyJul posted:
Dear friends,
I urgently need your help. Im a young mom, 28 years old, expecting my second baby's delivery in the end of November. The first pregnancy proceeded smoothly up until the birth of healthy baby on due date.
This time, the ultrasound made on the 23rd week of pregnancy revealed chorioangioma 5?8 ??, where foetus and chorioangioma have joined blood circulation. Some choriangioma's vessels are trombosed. Currently the foetal development is uneventful, corresponding to the 23-24th weeks of gestation. Some fetal hydrops is diagnosed. The screening made on 19 weeks 5 days of gestation showed HCG 3,57 with other characteristic being ok.
The ultrasound made on the 12-13 weeks of pregnancy has not revealed the signs of chorioangioma.
The fundal height on 21 week is 23 sm, on 23-24 weeks — 24 sm.
Please tell me what can I expect? How can this tumor be managed in conservative and non-conservative way? What can foster the thrombosis of tumor? Taking some pills/injections/diets? Where (medical centers, countries) the inustion of tumor vessels can be made?
Thank you in advance for any comments and advice.
Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
So, this can be a very complicated complication to have and others are really no big deal other than knowing you have this.

I am concerned about your one sentence which states "some fetal hydrops is diagnosed" because this is the one thing which portends a very bad outcome for the fetus.

The reason this happens to the baby is due to the increase in blood volume which the baby must circulate through their body and the tumor.

There is not much we can do at this point in time. It is not something we can easily go in and do something about. However, there have been some individuals throughout the country who have suggested going in and lasering vessels (if accessible, or other forms of embolizing if possible.).

I wish you the best of luck.

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