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Please Help *Labor Questions*
Zaysmama posted:
So I just made it to 37weeks today and lost my mucus plug almost 3 weeks ago and have been having very loose bm and more cm for the past week(tmi, sorry)... Then yesterday evening I woke up from a nap with pains in my lower back that wouldn't go away. Last night I woke up with my 3year old and when trying to get back to sleep, was able to monitor contractions anywhere from 3 - 6 minutes apart. They werent painful but were more just uncomfortable as I could feel the tightening from the top of my belly down and then into my lower back. This went on for 2hours but did not get any stronger so I was able to fall asleep thru them. Today, I am still having contractions and back pain and when I stand up, I feel so much pressure in my pelvis it is painful to walk.

This is my second baby and this first was nothing like this, I knew I was in labor when my water broke with no contractions before hand. so I just keep second guessing myself. When I ask other women I keep hearing "you will know when its time." I keep waiting but I don't know what I'm waiting for.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Sarah McMoyler, RN responded:

Sarah RN here- I have to imagine that a week later, you have had this baby, as your symptoms were pointing in that direction. However, for anyone reading this reply, it is important at 37 weeks to verify both symptoms and your actual due date, as this is close to the cut off when a baby is considered mature enough to be delivered.

SECOND babies tend to be much faster - early labor symptoms can flirt with you and then suddenly progress to delivery (especially if the water breaks.)

In summary:
-37 weeks is the cut off for delivering, based on baby lung maturity. Due date must be confirmed
-you were having early labor symptoms- second babies are famous for coming quickly- be ready to get to hospital in time

Please let us know the rest of the story!

Sarah Mcmoyler RN

Please let us
Zaysmama replied to Sarah McMoyler, RN's response:
Thank you for your reply Sarah, but LO is still in there growing. Went to the dr with those continuing symptoms and they said I wasnt even dilated yet, but was 50% effaced. The contractions did finally go away but still come and go when I am more active. I am hoping this LO's labor does progress much faster because labor with DS1 was 21.5hours from the time my water broke to the time I met him. Although it was not hard labor the whole time a faster preogression would be great!...

Thanks again for your input hoping to meet this little guy soon as time is running out!

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