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Possibly Pregnant Question
ssterns posted:
I know that this community/discussion board is for PREGNANT women but I am hoping that someone can maybe help me out here. I am currently 1 1/2 weeks late for my period. I have taken two hpt, the last one was Monday, which was just a week late at that point, and both were negative. I have been having soreness/tenderness in my breasts, slight cramping and almost a heavy feeling like I am going to start. Slightly increased urination. Moodiness. I know that I had a lot of these symptoms when I was pregnant with my son but with the negative tests I am curious if maybe I just tested too early or maybe just some insight from anyone on here. I have been faitly stressed out lately and my periods have been a few days late here and there the past few months but never a week and a half! Like I said I am just wondering if someone has any insight or anything besides the normal go and get a blood test. I plan on that next week if I haven't started yet. Any response is greatly appreciated!
scperdomo7 responded:
A week and a half passed your period is not too early to be testing.
As far as stress messing with it, I've been up to 2 weeks late before and it was just stress. I had all the typical "pregnancy" symptoms, but turns out, it was just pre-period symptoms.

When you are stressed to begin with AND worried you might be pregnant, every little thing looks like a pregnancy symptom, lol.

I would give it a few more days and if you still don't see Aunt Flow, test again, if it's still negative, call your Gyno!

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