help with pregnancy due date
Bianka79 posted:
have been told that based on my last menstral cycle (march 13th 2012) that my due date is in the middle of December.
but my doctor told me that i am 28 weeks along which means i'm 7 months?
does this mean my baby will be born in two months (october)?
i have been preparing for a december birth and am now having anxiety
GodsChyld1 responded:
GO TO I AM PREGNANT.COM it calculates your due date based on your EDD or your last menstrual cycle and it will tell you how many weeks, months and days pregnant you are. good luck
tlkittycat1968 responded:
No. You are going by the assumption that every month has exactly 4 weeks which is not the case. An average pregnancy is 40 weeks which means you have 12 weeks to go. If you go by every month having 4 weeks, you'll have been pregnant for 10 months when you have the baby.

Don't go by months, go by how many weeks you are which does not always translate directly into months.
Bianka79 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Thank you, that makes sense.
I have also spoken with my dr. and she has assured me that my due date is still dec.