Left breadt leaking fluids
An_247561 posted:
First, I am not pregnant. My left breast has been leaking fluids for almost three weeks. It does not hurt it just leak. I have gotten an answer from WebMD before.

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scperdomo7 responded:
Considering you are not pregnant, I don't understand why you are asking this question on this forum - this is a forum for pregnant women

Also, if it were me, I would have gone to see someone about the issue 2 weeks ago instead of waiting almost a month, then asking random strangers on a discussion forum that couldn't possibly diagnose you, especially over the internet.

I hope you find answers - but I seriously doubt you will find them here - as this is a forum for women who are pregnant.
An_247612 replied to scperdomo7's response:
My cousin breast was leaking fluid and she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I would see a doctor as soon as possible. Best of luck to you.