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TTC but stopped mid cycle
ariez322 posted:
Hi all,

My boyfriend and I have decided to try and conceive. I was on the pill but stopped midcycle on 8/9/12. Had I finished the pack, I should've had my period on 8/22/12. However, because I stopped early, I got it 8/14/12-8/17/12.

So I now have a few questions. We had sex on 8/11/12, 8/12/12, and 8/13/12, before I got my 'period' on days when I was fertile. The 'period' was typical in nature. So question 1) Is it possible I got pregnant or no because my 'period' came? 2) Does this 'period' even count as a period? 3) When should I be expecting to ovulate again?

I know I screwed up my dates by stopping mid cycle and now the anticipation of being pregnant is killing me. We've had sex since my 'period' but now I don't know if it was on fertile or non fertile days. I really hope I got lucky.

Any help with these questions would be much appreciated!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
No, the "period" you had was withdrawal bleeding from going off the pill and was not a true period. It's highly unlikely you're pregnant.

As for ovulation, every woman is different. Some begin ovulating right away while others take a few months.

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