38 weeks pregnant
GodsChyld1 posted:
hi, im 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant. im due 9/14/12. lately i've been feeling slight lower back aches and menstrual like cramping. this started about two days ago and i tought for sure it was labor, but as of yet, nothing. (sorry for the TMI) but i've gone from the loose stools to constipation and back to the loose stools and then constipation again for the past couple of weeks. its so frustrating this waiting game! i was just wondering if anyone has gone through this and how soon after did you go into labor? any feed back would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
lovemetoloveyou responded:
Hey chicky i just had my daughter and am most likely preggo again before i had delivered my back hurt slightly as well trust me hun you will know when you go in to labor i was in labor for 31 hours and delivered at 1028 am wendsday august 16th this past month and when you go into labor you will know it because you will be screaming>