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26 wks still no fetal movement
mandycraze posted:
My OB is aware of this situation but is on vacation for 2 wks and there has been a change in my status. I am 26 wks pregnant and have felt no fetal movement on the inside. My OB is concerned, however I am high risk due to diabetes and have a fetal echo and US in 4 days, so she is waiting on that. There is a heartbeat and I do not have an anterior placenta. For the status change: The night before last I was sitting in my recliner and had my hand over top my belly. I felt a kick on the outside! However there was NO sensation from the inside. Nothing. No gas like feeling, no butterfly feeling, nothing at all. The night prior to that when I was laying in bed I thought I had felt the same thing from the outside but was not sure as my hand was not on my belly. Earlier in the evening of the night I know I felt the outside kick my dog also felt it. She was sitting in my lap and at the same time I felt the outside of my belly move, she turned and looked like what was that?

I have searched and searched to find a possible cause to this, or to see if it is even possible to never feel from the inside but from the outside and it has lead me to here.

Is it possible? Is there another explanation to this? The only thing I can think of is that there is some sort of nerve damage from a prior surgery, but do not even know if that could be a cause. I am lost and worried. Please give me some sort of advice as I am driving myself insane!
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Mandy -

I am so sorry this has you worried. Maybe you can call your doctors office and talk to the doctor or nurse on call. They may be able to make sense of what you are experiencing.

Please do not be concerned about calling. I worked for a surgeon and he would get upset with patients if they didn't call and worried about something over the weekend

If I am understanding you correctly - your baby is moving around. You can see movement from the outside, correct?

Also, post your concerns to our Second Trimester and/or Third Trimester Communities to possibly get others to offer what they have experienced.

Keep us posted. Hoping you can relax, not worry and have a wonderful weekend,
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