Fetal development age
abh114 posted:
Im not sure if anyone knows the answer to this question. I am 17 weeks now and during the ultrasound they say the baby measures right and the fetal weight is in its range. At the time of the ultrasound they said your measures 14w 3d. but in this book im reading each chapter says what week you are then says the age of fetus. example: at week 14 of pregnancy it says age of fetus 12. so when the ultrasound lady said im 14w 3d. Was that how many weeks i am pregnant or the age of the fetus???????????/
beckie_33 responded:
It's most likely how far along you are. They always go off your last mentral cycle which is actually about 2 weeks before conception. That would be the reason for the age of the fetus and how far along you really are.

You probably aren't 17 weeks but only 14 weeks. It's possible you ovulated later than you thought. If you have any questions about the gestational age of your baby, talk to your doctor. He/she can give you better answers.