Help!!!!!!! Diabetic and pregnant
keda_peanut_brandi posted:
I am Type 1 diabetic (I was diagnosed when I was a teenager and take insulin.)Last night was horrible!!!! I can do anything that you can do while you are awake but while I am sleeping. I woke up with a low so ate a spoonful of frosting, but later on I woke up while eating cookies and drinking milk, As soon as I realized that I was eating cookies I stopped, I finished the milk, took about 5 units to cover (I ate a whole package!!!!) Later on I woke up me cause my hand was caught on something and I couldn't figure out to get it uncaught. It turned out it was my box of Special K crackers, Empty!!!! I took about 3 more units to cover the box of crackers and went back to sleep, well later on I woke up feeling high so I took 3 more units and the feeling went away, but alas after all of the fast acting I took My sugar was way way High this morning when I checked it, and I know that is not good at all for the baby. I usuallytake sleeping pills and haven't slept eaten in a long time, but I haven't been taking them because I don't know if they are safe for the baby. I take Unisom. what can I do to prevent this from happening again?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Keda and Welcome -

Yikes! Is this something that happens often? Please talk with your doctor about a plan to monitor and maintain good levels during your pregnancy.

I see you have connected with the our other moms-to-be over on Pregnancy 1st Trimester . Hopefully you can continue to network, make friends and share your experience.

You may be familiar with most of this info, Diabetes and Pregnancy , but wanted to share just in case.

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keda_peanut_brandi replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hi Elizabeth,
I have been looking for stuff about it but haven't been able to find it. I seems to only happen when I do not take my sleeping pill. I haven't taken them since I found out I was pregnant. I haven't done it again (Thank Heavens.) My first appointment is on the 8th of October. Thank you for the link.