Chaparaaaaa posted:
So i'm hopeing someone can shed some light. My last period was July 19, 2012 so according to dates im supposed to be 11w+ . I went in for an ultrasound and they only found the sac no hearbeat . There saying since im irregular im off on dates . they did a vaginal u/s shortly after i started bleeding , the bleeding has not stopped . Im bleeding but no cramping or nothing . im Scared ! i dont want to lose my baby . Has anyone else gone through this ? Or have any idea as to what may be going on?
youngandworried responded:
thats kinda whats going on with me...except i have a few cramps here and there. i was never regular but i would fall between 30-42 days between cycles and i am very very worried about losing this one (it would be my 3rd misscarriage) and i dont know what to do either