Fundus Height mesuring much higher than weeks pregnant
jennifer1111111 posted:
this may be normal however the further along I get the more drastic the difference is. at 10 weeks I was measuring above my pubic bone. now at 13 weeks I am measuring 10cm above my pelvic bone. my due date is perfectly correct and there is no possible way I am further along than 13 weeks. what other reasons could be making me measure so high? I am thinking twins possibly? are there other reasons? or is it occasionally normal for someone to have such a high measurement? Please advise...
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Is this your first or second? I've heard that many doctors don't even do the fundus height because it doesn't tell them anything.
jennifer1111111 responded:
update: so my higher measurment was due to being pregnant with twins! Sweet little idenical twin boys born February 20, 2013. This was my 3rd pregnancy.