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Relevant Posts: Whooping Cough Vaccine in Pregnancy

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abnormal pregnancy results!
An_248362 posted:
here is my problem, i have a family history of members getting negative results on pregnancy tests both with bloodwork and urine tests. our doctor just keeps ordering the same bloodwork test and other hormone tests but i am still having all the same symptoms of being pregnant and i am also getting a belly bump and i am worried . my sister carried a baby to full term with no medical attention at all and still had a period as well the whole time she was pregnant. i am having a lot of that as well and having a period but it is not my normal and i am bleeding every two weeks very light for only a couple of days. i dont know what to do. can anyone help me? i think people think i am crazy but i am having a serious issue that i am trying to figure out.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Can you ask your doctor for an ultrasound? If your current doctor won't give you one, maybe you can find one who will.
An_248362 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
have talked to him about that but he says that he will not order one becuase my insurance does not cover it unless they would see a positive test. i have also been to the hospital many times and cant get them to give me one also for my problems. i am so frustrated that i cant get anyone to listen to me. do they want me to have this baby at home maybe like my sister or just to not find out what is going on with me. my boyfriend is now at the point where he thinks i am lyeing about being pregnant becuz of all of this and the doctors not helping me. he knows my family history but his family doesnt and is whispering in his ear as well about stupid stuff. i just need help to find out what is wrong with me so very badly. i am worried that if i am pregnant that with no prenatal care that something will be wrong. i am also worried for my own well being if i am not pregnant what is wrong as well. i just have to many of the signs and symptoms of being pregnant to not be worried.

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