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Late first Doctors Visit.
waitingforoliver posted:
Well, I'm pretty sure I'm 19 weeks pregnant. I've yet to go to the Doctor's due to having no insurance and no money. I was able to go to planned parenthood and get an official test taken and at the time they said I was about 22 weeks pregnant (that was months ago). Going off my last period of course. Yet for the past week or so I've been able to feel the little flutters of the baby's movement. This is my first pregnancy, I've gained about 11 pounds. I'm showing some what.
My main concern is going into debt to be able to know if my baby is healthy now. Is it that bad to wait to see a Dr.? Prices are so expensive without insurance. I tried when I first found out, however they wanted to charge a $100 down payment. That was just the down payment!! So I'm pretty much looking for advice on what I can or should do or if anyone knows of a place that'll help in the Las Vegas/Henderson area?

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mommyin2011 responded:
First off, start taking prenatal if you haven't already. You really need to be seen by a doctor to make sure you and your baby are healthy,

You can sign up for Medi-Cal at the doctors office. This is no charge to see the doctor. Or, if they don't have that option, call your county office and sign up. I did this for my last pregnancy. And you and your child will be covered for 1 yr. After that, you just re-sign up.

Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy.

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