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possible late pregnancy?
tacogirlwantstobeamomma1 posted:
hi my name is stephanie and im 22 years old. since i was 18 ive been trying to get pregnant to no avail. the past six months have been a trial for me. my fiance almost passed away in april and at his bedside i wished i was pregnant. he is fine after an hour seizure and a twenty five minute one less then two weeks ago. so these months have been hard. ive gotten my period every month since then sometimes two weeks apart sometimes 3 not even a full cycle. about three months ago i remember feeling my belly and swearing i felt something move.
i brushed it off as nothing when my period came.
this past month i got my period and it was light not even really painful as they normally are. since realizing that something was up in my stomach im convinced that im pregnant and possible far along. ive taken pregancy tests to have them come back negative.
but theres no denying feeling the baby move or to see my stomach move while im laying down or sitting still. i feel it on the inside to. it feels like my stomach is turning (upper belly) not my actual stomach. i feel a kick or what i think is one and it is freaking me out. since i have no health insurance the only place i can be seen is the hospital and i dont even have the transportation to get there. no doctor will see me and i have no money until i get paid this friday from my job. my question is could it be possible that i am pregnant and farther along then i think normal people are when they find out
i feel like i should say that i get sick whether its morning night or im sleeping it wakes me up
nothing agrees with me and my stomach is always hurting me bad.
i really hope that im not crazy and i am indeed pregnant this is a baby trthree years in the making and shes my Miracle Ray
Kelley4321 responded:
If you have taken multiple pregnancy tests and they have come back negative you probably are not pregnant.

I hope you and your fiance have researched the costs involved in raising children. I don't mean to sound rude but if you dont have health insurance or transportation what will you do when you have a child to take care of, buy clothes, diapers, food, keep healthy, daycare costs and educate? It is very expensive, especially the hospital, doctor and delivery and the best thing for your family is to be prepared before getting pregnant so you don't start out with huge financial problems.

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