I think im pregnant?
wvcUT posted:
My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on Oct 6,7, and 8th. 3 days later, I get my period. I have an unregular period. But when I was on my period, it was the most painful period I had ever had. Ive been reading articles and seeing peoples questions and it got me thinking now.
I wanna ask alot of questions like:
I smoke, and after a smoke nausea hits me, and sometimes i throw up, is that a syptom?
also, I need to pee, but not alot like my blatter cant hold in my food. I also have a hard time pooping, and when I do, it sometimes comes out like diahrea. Can i please get some responses!
Thoughtful girl here!!!!
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi wvcUT -

I wanted to pop in to let you know this community is for women who are already pregnant.

You can get some excellent member feedback on the WebMD Could I Be Pregnant community.

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