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Irregular period???
Harely posted:
I had a baby on sept 4, 2012. Had vaginal birth no problems. Had my period for a couple of weeks, then it stopped for about 2 weeks, had sex inbetween there, yeah I know maybe to early. But started my period again on oct. 19. It usally last 7 days, but we are now 10 days and it does not seem to be letting up at all! I know I am not pregnant, tht's ok, but am worried about it lasting this long and was wondering if this was normal? I am 38 years old, don't think it's menopause? Just worried cause my husband and I want more babies someday. And advise would help, thanks!
Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
Some of what you described seemed normal. However, it seems as if this last bleeding episode is lasting too long. If you believe it is lasting too long, this would be a reason to contact your healthcare provider.

The question is how much bleeding are you doing? Is the daily amount of the bleeding normal or increased.

This could be normal, but I would call and see them.
Congratulations, and I hope the bleeding stops.