could i become pregnant
ariesgurl98 posted:

i missed taking my birth control pill for three days fri,sat,sun and i've had sex those three days plus the days after i missed my pill but i started bleeding monday and im still bleeding what does that mean is that my cycle starting buy i usualy begin my period around the first week of the month so is there a chance i could become pregnant
scperdomo7 responded:
There is ALWAYS a chance of pregnancy when you engage in sexual intercourse, ESPECIALLY when you are not properly protected.

The ONLY way to completely safeguard against pregnancy is abstinence.
mindytaylor224 replied to scperdomo7's response:
You can safely have Sex, Just Start using condoms on the days you happen to ''forget'' to take your pill. It's better safe thatn sorry, Plus the advantage to condoms is that it also protects againsts STD's as well as pregnancy. But most likely you can increase the odds of not getting prego by using both forms of protection.