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Hard to breath
jon3brn posted:
All the books I have read, say that once the baby drops; the mother finds it easier to breath. I have not found this to be true. Could this be because my abdomen is too small and she is just too big or could it be the position I am sitting in? I am a nose breather and find it very unpleasant and unsightly to breath through my mouth as if I am a panting dog in heat (that is how I feel I look when I am trying to catch my breath).

Anyone else have a hard time breathing? I am currently 36wks/3dys.
Me(28) and DH(28), Married and TTC since April 2008, 3 rounds of clomid no success, 6 month break, Jan and Feb 2012 cancelled cycles due to cysts, Mar cycle IUIs 3/2-3/3, testing 3/17 BFP. 1st u/s 4-4
Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
It is very common to have patients complain of shortness of breath. Having said that, there are some patients who have a significant problem. That is a blood clot in the lung. that is why I tell everyone who has this complaint to be seen immediately to make sure it is normal shortness of breath and not anything worse.

Some easy ways to know is:
1. Can you walk up a flight of stairs without stopping
2. Can you walk a city block

If the answer is yes, I can do both, then probably you are OK. If not, you need an immediate evaluation.

Please don't hesitate to go to the hospital immediately to make sure you are OK> I take these symptoms very seriously.

Good luck.

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