Am I pregnant??? I have the symptoms
mindytaylor224 posted:
I think I'm pregnant, My breasts are sore and tender, I have been bloated and Had some dull back pain. certain smells make my stomach churn. I took two home ppregnancy they said negitive, but my period is five days late.My hhusband and I have been trying to conceive we had intercourse on my ovulation days. I have also been discharging milky slimy fluid for a couple of weeks, but today it had a pinkish tint to it! only when I wiped but not in my underwear. Plz help me out. Does it sound like I'm prego, or is something else wrong??? Or did I just take the test's to soon??????????
scperdomo7 responded:
If you are 5 days passed your period, its unlikely that you are testing too soon. However, you could just wait a few more days and test again - make sure you are testing with your first morning urine.

If you still get a negative, it would be safe to say that you aren't pregnant. Many "pregnant symptoms" are sometimes just pre-period symptoms. And stress, worry, etc can make your period even later. I've been up to 10 days late before and I am typically very normal with my periods.

Just relax, wait a few more days and test again. If you still havent gotten your period after testing again, then I would call your gyno and set up an appointment as there could be other issues - OR you might not respond to HPTs and need to blood test to confirm your pregnant or not. Either way, just relax.