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Negative Pregnancy test 10 weeks after sex, is it accurate?
David1236 posted:
My girlfriend and I had sex on September 2nd, she's on birth control I however did not use protection it was the last day of her period. She found out she had a UTI and at first we thought she was pregnant but then of course realized it was impossible to know that soon. We were doing alright and then her period came about 3 days early during September so this would have been a few weeks after sex. She said it was normal length and felt fine. October about half way through she missed a pill and started spotting and got a yeast infection. I was stressed and could tell she was stressed her period didn't come in October but she did start spotting today so we took a test at the clinic and it came back negative. Have we both just stressed each other out and should we really worry about it? We also had a pelvic exam done about 6 weeks after sex and they said everything was negative. Thanks for the answers!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Yes, a negative test and at least one normal period means no pregnancy.

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