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Brown discharge
Khandie posted:
I am 16 weeks pregnant and barely starting to feel my baby move. At 15 weeks I had the worst scare ever. I felt a gush on my way to work and when I stopped at a restroom I saw blood running down my legs. I rushed to the ER and continued with the bright red gushing blood. When they did the ultrasound the baby was moving and fine the ER doctor said it was a minimum bleeding but to me it was allot. They gave me 3 days bed rest and to follow up with my Obgyn. I was diagnosed with BV and was given an oral med for it. My worry is that I never stopped bleeding. It just got thick, brownish-black and stringy. Sometimes I think it looks like bits of skin. I have been feeling the baby move so I think that's a great thing. I just don't think it's normal to have the discharge I have been having. I am calling tomorrow to my Dr and ask for the fifth time if it's normal I have these little brown hemoraghes and be going to work.

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