Ectopic concerns..
sarahemily001 posted:
I am 19 years old. I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst on October 4th - it was 4.6cm. I went to the emergency room 12 days later and i was told i had an ovarian ectopic pregnancy on October 16, 2012 at 5+0 weeks. They found that they cyst had grown to almost 6 cm then.
When i was given an transvaginal ultrasound, the first technician showed me the tiny sac. She said it was in the right place and the right size for 5 weeks. The second technician that came in said she couldnt see the sac and that she was worried it was ectopic.
I had no pain and no extreme bleeding, just some pink/brown spotting.
The on-call OBGYN came and told me that my levels were 1800, and since the second technician saw no sac, she said it was most likely ectopic and advised me not to wait any longer, to get the methotrexate shot.
I recieved the shot that day. 4 days later, they sent me to the ER to get my blood drawn to make sure the levels were going down. That day, my levels were 4949. BUT, they also saw a GROWING sac that day IN MY UTERUS. The doctors were all confused and eventually came to tell me that the baby alone was in my ovary, and the sac was in my uterus...
I bled heavily the next two days and spotted the next 5. My levels were then 688.
My question is... Does this sound right?? I really dont know much at all about this, but every doctor that i asked IN THE SAME HOSPITAL all had different answers.
And I thought the baby needed the sac to grow??
I just need a little reassurance that I didnt end a normal pregnancy and a little clarity. Thanks!