2nd round of clomid..need advice!
tdb75852 posted:
Ok, so this is the second round of clomid for my wife and I. Last cycle, she took 50mg on CD 5-9. She didnt respond enough, and the follicles present were like 13 cm, and the doc said she wanted them at 20. Hence, they didnt make her take the pregnol shot because the follicles were not big enough. This month, shes upping the dosage to 100mg for CD 5-9. Do most women respond to the higher dosage? After these cycle days, if she responds to the clomid enough..then what? We come back on CD 14 for the ultrasound to see if the clomid worked. Do we go home and boink like crazy? Or will they have us do it on certain days..etc. Any thoughts?