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Heartbeat at 15 weeks
lindsaykim posted:
Hi Ladies,
I am 15 weeks pregnant and had my monthly checkup yesterday. The doctor used a handheld doppler to try to listen to the heartbeat but couldn't find one. She listened for a few minutes and gave up. Being a first time mom, I'm quite concerned but when I asked if we should be worrying, she said no right away. She didn't schedule me for an emergency ultrasound or anything and I can't help but to feel worried. We had an ultrasound at 13 weeks and the baby was very healthy, heartbeat was 150 bpm. Has this happened to anybody else?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It depends on where the baby is positioned. If it is more towards your back, then a heartbeat will be hard to find. Also, it's easier to hear the heartbead through the baby's back so if it was positioned different, again, a heartbeat would be hard to find.

It happened a lot with my DD. The doctor would find the heartbeat and then she'd move and he'd lose it.
reb_hun responded:
it also depends on where your placenta is positioned, with my second child it was in the front so it was a little harder to find.

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