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heyyyy ladies!!!!
abh114 posted:
So I have nobody to talk to when it comes to this and want to get it off my chest so I figured I would see if anyone else is going through the same thing. When I first found out I was pregnant I knew there was a possibility I would get strech marks because my mom has them but I figured with the right amount of weight gain and lots of bio oil and vit. e cream that maybe I would get lucky and not get them or not get them as bad! I am a little over 26 weeks and I have gained 14lbs so far and im very loyal to oiling my body down as if i were trying to fit between the crack of a door:) But just recently a few deep stretch marks have appeared below my belly button. Already I am extremely self contious over them and very upset because I still have wks left to go so im assuming they will get wayyyyyyyyyyyyy worse. I look at myself and just hate it. I wouldnt give this blessing away for anything but im really upset by it. Mainly because of my own self esteem but also because i wonder what my husband thinks. I was just wondering if anyone else thinks about the same thing??????????????
reb_hun responded:
used to hate getting stretch marks too but then i saw something that made me smile... your stretch marks are a way of saying that you're a tiger who's earned her stripes!! roar so i bet you're due at the end of february? i'm due a day before valentine's day...
Im 42 with two grown kids and Im still am affected with the stretch marks all on the front of my stomach. But the one thing I can tell you, my husband has NEVER, EVER made me feel any way about them. He says they are a sign of maturity.
its great when your husband doesnt care about those things, as a woman I do know how you feel, I still dont like to look at myself naked or with underwears and still feel insecure in front of him, but its not because he makes me feel that way, its just me.
I agree 100% with reb_hun about earning our stripes!
Ive even heard, theyre just battlescars of motherhood, our fight will never end when it comes down to them, b/c we'll fight anyone for!!!!
Congratulations also!!!
nickirobert responded:
I am 22 yrs old and currently pregnant with my 3rd child and i will be the first to say i am covered in stretch marks, i got so many with my fist child the other 2 havent caused any more. I am no longer with my first childs father but the man i am with now has no problem with my stretch marks and he didnt even help create them. If u get more just remember u got them from bringing a life into this world and thats worth way more than a few stretch marks
abh114 replied to nickirobert's response:
Thanks! They are getting worse like I expected but knowing its out of my control and knowing my daughter is healthy im kinda ok with it. I mean nobody likes them but in a weird way im okay with it now. I am insecure about them my husband never mentions them and when I do he almost gets mad that, thats really what im upset about. As much money as ive spent on creams and oils I could of spent on her so I kinda feel guilty! But hey Ive learned and grown from this expirence and am so blessed that finally after 4 yrs we are starting our family and my pregnancy couldnt be going better. 10 weeks to go and she will be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ladies

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