Unsure about what to think?
An_249091 posted:
So not sure what to think but this is where it landed it me. maybe someone can give some advice. I am 20 years old I am 47 day late! I have taken about 3 hpt pregnancy test and one urine test at the doctor office about two weeks ago when my period was due because i was having symptoms of pregnancy. All NEGATIVE. I am very cautious because i am on very dangerous medication to be pregnant. I get seizures. I haven't had a period in almost 2 months and i get stomach flu feeling and back pain. I have not had a blood test yet. What should i do? Is there still a chance im pregnant?
scperdomo7 responded:
I would be having this conversation with your doctor. What did he/she say at your appointment when you told him you were a month late and having all these symptons?

I would call back and schedule a blood test if you still suspect you are pregnant. Is it possible? Sure, its possible. But after several negative tests, its highly unlikely.

I would schedule another appointment with your doctor to try to find out what the issue is.