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What is safe to take for acid reflux?
Cookieaab posted:
I am 7 weeks pregnant with my third child. I didn't have acid reflux with the first two, and I was just diagnosed a year ago with it. I am currently taking omeprazole magnesium (Prilosec OTC) for it, but this morning got to wondering if it really is safe while pregnant. I've read it is and it isn't. I haven't seen my OB/GYN yet, but do plan to ask at my first visit. I am feeling very concerned now that I've taken something that could have harmed my baby. Can anyone tell me if their dr. said Prilosec is okay to take? Thank you!
scperdomo7 responded:
I'm not sure if Prilosec is okay, that is definitely something to bring up with your OB.

In the meantime, you could take Tums or something like that for your reflux.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Cookieaab -

Congratulations on number 3!

Hopefully you have talked with your doctor and found something to get you comfortable!

Here are a couple of resources about meds and pregnancy -

Pregnancy & Medication
Taking Medication During Pregnancy

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