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    Pregnant b/c I Started BC pack late. How far along?
    Cmblackw posted:
    Before I get into details, my main question is how can I determine how far along I am if I got pregnant because I started a new b/c pack late.

    My LMP (on bc pills) was 07/05/12. I didn't start a new pack until 07/18. I took the first pregnancy test on 07/31 and it was positive.

    When I started my appointments with my ob/gyn she asked my LMP and I said 07/05 and since then, my due date and how far along I am have been based off of my LMP. However, since I "missed pills" (started pack late), is the LMP date even accurate? I know it is based on the assumption that you ovulated on day 14 of your cycle but isn't it possible I ovulated way before that? Like a couple days after I missed?

    At my "20 week" ultrasound the head was measuring G.A. 20wks4d, which "matches exactly with my LMP". However, my uterus was measuring at 23cm, which is what leads me to believe I am farther along than what my LMP suggests. Any input is appreciated! Sorry if this is totally confusing!

    I'm very happy and excited about this little BOY but I'm just curious if my dates are reliable since I became pregnant in an "unconventional" manner.
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hello and Congratulations Cmblackw!!

    I always joked that I didn't want to know my due date. Those dates seemed to come and go for my friends and which made them very frustrated! I didn't want to be focused on a date. I am also the odd one that didn't find out what we were having.

    But seriously, according to the resources below, a due date is only an estimate of when you will deliver. Also, the fundal height is used to get a rough idea of how far along you are.

    Pregnancy: Ways to Find Your Due Date
    Due Date Calculator

    Be sure to check in with our Pregnancy: 2nd Trimester Community to "meet" other moms due about your same time.

    Take Care,
    ~To be a child is to know the joy of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.~ Author Unknown

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